Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will I receive my printed edition?
    We aim to have our printed editions delivered to you within 5 to 7 working days. It may take a little longer for International deliveries.

  • What is the exchange rate from GBP to my currency for the cost of your memberships?
    The exchange rate will be set by PayPal or Stripe Secure Payment Gateways for credit/debit cards. Exchange rates are based on the current retailer rate and will be automatically converted when processing your order.

  • Can I cancel my free membership any time?
    Yes. Just click on your ‘Account’ and ‘Subscription’ section to cancel your membership. There are no cancellation fees or notice period required.

  • Can I change my shipping details?
    Yes – You can change your details in your ‘My Account’ settings at anytime.

  • Will my story/stories be published online?
    Not all submitted members’ story will be published – we will however archive all stories submitted and we may publish at a later date.

  • Will you return my original story/stories back to me?
    Please retain your original copy and only post us a scan, image or photocopy – we do not have a returns service. You can also upload a scan or photo of your story online.

  • How many times can I submit a story?
    As many times as you want – there is no limit! Your file size however needs to be below 8 megs per story when submitting online.

  • Who can submit a story
    Any one can submit a story – just make sure you follow the instructions on Create ‘Your Story’ Page.

  • What’s the maximum file size that I can upload for my story?
    Maximum file size is 8 megs – this should be plenty to send a high resolution image.

  • What file types do you accept?
    We accept PDF, Jpeg and jpg files – We would prefer a scanned image of Your Story for better picture quality, but we also accept photos taken by a camera/mobile phone.